December 18, 2009

Everyone's Busy. . .

Anni's concert was on Wednesday (always a cheerful gal)
Parker's concert was Tuesday night
We used Kerry's dad's video cam to capture the following pictures
Taylor singing "Mr. Grinch"
At this time of year when we want to be in touch with our family and friends it's sad that so many "blogger buddies" are too busy to post. I miss you guys!! Where are your updates? Because I am striving to keep you updated, here is the latest stuff happening in the Robertson household. . . first off- all the kids had choir concerts. Thank goodness they were on separate days! I have always found it strange that people talk about "simplifying" and yet there is so much scheduled at this time of year. Its ok, I enjoy listening to them sing and like to support them in their activities, its just somewhat of an oxymoron to me. We also had a family get together at Gray and Lisa's house. Slade was here to leave for his mission. We were blessed with a couple of days to be able to "catch up" with him before he had to leave (ok, mom and dad had a couple days with him, we just had Sunday). So on Sunday we all went to Gray's home and had a potluck and played games and visited. Boy did we enjoy it!! He has matured into a handsome young man. He still has a great sense of humor and it was lots of fun to joke around with him!

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Leahona said...

I know what you mean! It has been SUPER busy!! But now that I am done with work I have more time to blog. I will post a ton just for you!!

I am so glad that you were able to get to see all the concerts. I am reading a "Sherily, you can do it" Book right now and Sherily has everything on the same night and is frazzled about how she can be 4 places at once!! I am glad my kids are still little enough that I don't have to worry about that. I am SO glad you dodged that bullet. I hope the rest of your holiday is awesome!! I love you!!