October 12, 2009

Taylor's First Date

Ok, so I have been a slacker and have not been posting regularly. Sorry about that. However here is a new one for all of those (at least I hope there are some of you that are interested) who check back to see if there is anything new going on in our lives. Taylor turned 16 in May. I guess I have discovered something new, and that is that guys are not nearly as anxious to date as girls are. He finally got around to asking a girl out on a date. His friend, Alex, doubled with him (we have a rule; no single dating) They went to homecoming. We painted the windows on the excursion to say "Taylor's limo". Taylor and Alex spent 2 days cleaning and polishing it up. Then they made the dinner for the date as well. They made homemade pizza, which turned out great! (we got to eat the leftovers, ummm). The girls were impressed at all the stuff the guys did (which is nice because sometimes girls are oblivious to the work guys put in) I must say, that is seems strange to me that so many of my children are so grownup.

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Leahona said...

I love that we are both in such different stages of parenting. While I am battling potty training and diaper rash you are watching your babies turn into grown-ups! Thanks so much for sharing these experiances with us!

We are very excited Taylor had his 1st date. I hope he had a great time!!