October 12, 2009

Dance festival

Holly's school held a dance festival this year. It was something they included in their PE classes. It was actually very neat to go and watch. The special ed. classes did a ducky dance and wiggled their arms and quacked. Some kids did the macarena, some did the hokey pokey, some did the bunny hop, and some others did boot scoot and boogey. I really don't remember all the dances that were performed, but it was really a nice thing to go and watch. Plus the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves. Holly's grade did square dancing. She really had a good time and was very excited for me to be able to come and watch her. Here are some of the pictures I was able to get of her dancing.She opted for sweats under her skirt. Its been a little chilly here.

Here she is checking to see if I am watching or not.
Sometimes it was just plain hard to get her on camera. She was in a group on the other side of the blacktop. But she did a wonderful job and had lots of fun!!

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