October 19, 2009

The curse of a mother who loves Christmas. . .

So I just wanted to share something I think is funny. Jake called me the other day to let me know that his roommates think he is a little strange. Apparently he had been in the mood for Christmas music of late and decided to listen to some. I had to laugh and tell him that I was sorry. You see, my whole life I have loved Christmas and around the end of September into the beginning of October, I am in the mood to listen to Christmas music. (I love it and it makes me feel good) Well when I was little we (my brothers and sisters and I) used to beg to listen to it, but to no avail, because my dad was adamant about not listening to it until Thanksgiving was over. Well as I have gotten older and owned things like a radio, cd player etc. I have taken matters into my own hands and listened when I wanted. Since getting married I listen off and on all year round, but mostly during the last 3 months of the year. I think it brings a good spirit into the home and I like it, but in particular around the fall holidays, I love listening. So poor Jake has grown up with a crazy mother and has inherited this love for Christmas music. I find it sentimental and love that he shares this joy with me. I am curious however to know how many of you guys have this same "compulsion"? I would love to know!! (and no, I have not put up my tree yet!!)


Leahona said...

funny you should mention it but Jacob is already getting into the spirit of Christmas. Almost every day this past week or so when I come home Jacob has Christmas music on! Isabella LOVES it and Iyla does too, mostly because she sees everyone else having fun!

I love christmas but i like to wait until the week before thanksgiving to start really listening to christmas music. That's when the radio stations around here switch over to Christmas music too.


Megs said...

You are definitely not alone. i've been trying to stave off my craving for Christmas music and holiday deserts for weeks. :)