September 24, 2009

Shock and Awe . . . .

Yesterday I got to go up to Ogden to Quiltfest. (It is a Utah State Quilt Guild show) Mom entered the same 2 quilts that she entered in the county fair. However, I was really shocked (and pleased) because I walked around the corner (as I was browsing thru the quilts) and my quilt had a ribbon on it!! It is much better to be able to see your quilt with a ribbon on it, than it is to be told over the phone that you won a ribbon.
(you really should click on this picture so you can see the details of the stitching because it's awesome!!!!)
We won the Judges Choice ribbon!!
How crazy is it to get "teary" over winning a ribbon? Well, mom and I felt the same way!
Here we are. . .the proud quilt makers!!


Leahona said...

YEAH!!!! We are SOOOOOO proud of you guys! Love you!

OUR CLAN said...

Thanks man!!!

Heather Williamson said...

I am so happy for you guys!! you totally deserved it! You are so amazingly talented and your mom too! Love it!