September 13, 2009

Just a quick update

(this is a picture of Tryson. He sure is a cutie pie. I have not included any of the embarrassing pictures of the adults in this post as I don't want to have a lynch mob at my door anytime soon!)
So on Memorial day weekend we went to Travis and Noel's house for Zack's baptism. It was great!! We had a backyard campout and hung out and had alot of fun. We had a great spaghetti dinner, a pancake breakfast and a potluck. We chatted and visited, the cousins played and the guys took 2 trips to the ice caves out past Rexburg. On the first trip it was all the guys and alot of the kids. Then because some people needed pictures, they took a 2nd trip and unfortunately on that trip Sunshine hurt her finger. I think she broke it, but I am not sure as I have not heard back from her and I have forgotten to call her back about it. However, even with that mishap a wonderful time was had by all. Personally I am so thankful for my wonderful brothers and sisters and for the chance we have of getting together so often!!This is some of the formations in the cave. (oohh-aahhh)


Leahona said...

do you mean Labor day?

OUR CLAN said...

Oops, Yea!!