September 18, 2009

Dual Designing

Last year Mom made some quilt squares for the "cancer" quilt block contest at quilt fest (a local quilt show in Ogden). The blocks were voted on, and the favorites were given back to the makers, with a request that they make them into a quilt for this years cancer quilt raffle. Mom made 6 blocks last year and they were well received. She was asked to make a quilt for this years raffle. Mom then asked me if I would design it, which I did. Mom wanted to piece it and quilt it (of course) and here are the results. We are really tickled with it!! We hope to be able to win it back, but if not, we will make another one. We want to try and get it published in a quilt magazine. It is really not like any other quilt I have ever seen. Let us know what you think!!


Jennie said...

I love it!!! I think is one of the cutest quilts I've ever seen. Seriously!

Leahona said...

love it! I hope it does get published!

Megs said...

so when do i get one?! ha ha. just kidding, but it really is amazing!