August 28, 2009

Annual Hike up Timp

A couple weekends ago Kerry took the kids and went for his annual hike up Timp. I gave serious consideration to going, but decided that I didn't want to. Hiking is not my thing. I like nature and all, don't get me wrong, but I have never particularly enjoyed hiking. So with kids in tow, off they went. . .
Left to right; Anni (from Germany) Megan, Taylor and Parker. (Holly didn't want to go either)
They camped in the area around the meadows the first night, and got up intending to meet the sunrise on the peak. Well that didn't exactly happen. Kerry said that this year the hike kicked his butt!! He is feeling older and out of shape this year. Lucky for Megan I guess, because she was slow too!!
Taylor and Parker could often be found lounging around waiting for dad and Megan to catch up.
A view looking down at emerald lake.
A view looking up as they work on getting to the summit.
At the summit there is a look out point. You can actually see this from the valley at times. It gives off a reflection. Kerry looks so happy to be in his element!! Next year Kerry will have company from Germany (again) as Anni's dad wants to make the hike. Hopefully the snow will be gone when her family comes to pick her up, or they won't make it to the top.

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Leahona said...

That picture of the lake is so amazing. I am glad they had fun. I used to love hiking and can't wait till my back is healed so I can get back out there!!