July 06, 2009

What we have been up to lately

Kylee looking beautiful in one of the 3 white dresses she will wear in her lifetime. . .
Because most of our family was going to be here for the family reunion, Angel and Brad decided to have their sealing on the weekend before. I was so thrilled for them. Kylee was also sealed to them at the same time. What a privilege it is to be witness to a family becoming a forever family!
Josh and Jamie and their kids came to the sealing. We were all disappointed that they would not be able to come to the reunion, but we were so glad to have the chance to see them at the sealing!
Braden and Orrin
The Draper Utah Temple
After the sealing everyone went to Brad's sweet mothers home. We all like Grama Simmons. She is a sweetheart. They have a tramp in the back yard and the kids were taking advantage of it.

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