July 15, 2009


This year was Sunshine's turn to plan our family reunion, and boy did she do a great job!
One of the activities we had was family pictures. Each family picked a color of tee-shirt to distinguish them from the families of their siblings. We had orange, Gray had red, (Heidi had yellow) Noel had lime green, Sunshine had dark blue, Angel had forest green, Mindy had royal blue, (Josh had grey) Jacob (it takes a real man to wear pink) had pink, Joanna had denim blue. We made quite a rainbow of color, especially when we lined up in spectrum order.
Noel might look mad here, but she wasn't. As the matter of fact, there was no fighting. Not even the cousins! It was really wonderful!! But the sun was really strong. We all tried to stay in the shade as much as possible. We were either freezing or roasting. I don't know about most everyone else, but most of my family ended up with some sort of sunburn!
Looks like someone caught grama off guard!
Keith and Joanna were in charge of our movie night. It was a big hit. Most of us watched it, but not all of us. Movie night happened to be the same night that Jake accidentally dropped Ami Neighbors ring in the firepit, with a fire still burning in it. That night Jake, Uncle David, Austin and Terri (Ami's mom) spent the entire evening digging out the firepit and sifting thru the coals trying to find her ring. They had no luck! The next morning they sifted thru the ash again in hopes of finding it, but still no luck. It was definitely a memory that will take awhile to forget!
This is the view from our campsite. We were up Ogden canyon at Monte Cristo. It was so gorgeous!! Sometimes I forget to "stop and smell the roses", if you will. God sure gave us a beautiful world to enjoy didn't he?!
This is Jake and Ami. They have been friends since they were little tiny kids.
I decided to take a family picture of my own. The only one of my kids that was not there was Kerijean, as she is in Argentina serving a mission. We missed having her there!
Isabella, and Eli spent most of the time playing house. Logan got in on some of the fun too.
This is Shine and David and Tryston at cousins night. We were all instructed to bring a bag with 10 things in it. Then that night we all grabbed someone elses bag and that was what we were able to use for our skits. It was alot of laughs. We had 3 cousins come that night. I hope we didn't scare any of them away. It has been a long time since we have seen some of them and they just might have forgotten what crazy people we can be at times.
One of the bags contained 2 wigs. I think it was a bag from Shine. One was a big curly black wig. It made the wearer look like they had an afro. This was the other one. Everyone liked to wear it. I think Mindy pulled it off the best though. (this picture is of Zoe)
This is Megan. She had alot of fun. She was also a great helper. I think she enjoyed helping Jacob and Liahona the most because she really likes babies!
At family talent night Jacob and Liahona sang a song that brought tears to my eyes. They sang "let this be a prayer". It was beautiful! Plus I have to admit it is one of my favorites anyway.
Benson was really fun to get to know. He is a very capable young man. One morning we all got up and he had started the fire for the day! How impressive is that. He is 10! Way to go man!!!!!
Ethan is Bensons brother. He was really fun to get to know as well. He is very social and I really enjoyed the hugs to Aunt Amber! Thanks man!!!
This is Angel and Brad and Kylee at cousins night skits. They did another skit that had us all rolling!! Seriously rolling!! They are so fun!
Noel had to do and encore. At the last reunion she brought a nose whistle. We all thought her encore performance was hilarious!! The only thing that was missing from this performance was her husband Travis. He couldn't get away from work. We all missed him.
Gray and Lisa's family were so funny. They did a dance at family skits. It was fun to watch them. What you don't see in this picture is that the rest of the boys are behind mom and dad too. They popped out at some point in time for their parts.
One of the best things was that each night we got to listen to Dad (grampa Gifford) read Uncle Remus stories to us. When we were younger Dad used to read us books, on Sunday. It is a really nice memory and a great legacy. I don't know how many of the brothers and sisters have done this with their children, but I have. Its a great thing to do!!
The older boys spent most of their time building a fort up in the trees and playing airsoft. It kept the occupied and they really had a great time. This is Taylor and his cousin Austin. It was about 15 ft. off the ground. I'm just glad they didn't try to sleep there.
Grama Simmons got to come up with Angel and Brad. She is really nice and we all love to have her around!!
Mindy, ever the crazy one!
Unfortunately we had multiple opportunities to use the "first aid" (oils). Fortunately most of the incidents requiring first aid were relatively minor. The most serious thing to happen was when Austin got his fingers slammed in the truck door. The poor kid!! But we promptly plastered him with oils and kept applying them for that day and the next. By the end of the 2nd day, you could hardly tell he had been hurt at all. And the best part is, he was not in pain. I for one, and truely thankful that the Lord has given us such wonderful things to help us take care of ourselfs and those we love.
This is Uncle Andy and Iyla. I heard someone affectionately call her "lungs". She is sure a sweet baby and absolutely darling, but she was definately a "daddy's girl" and not too many of us could hold her for too long before she had had enough! Well, I would have to say that was the best family reunion ever, and not because of the things we did. It would have to be the best in my book because of the feelings that were present. It was so wonderful to be with those I love and to find that we were of like mind. It was just as wonderful to see the demonstrations of love one toward another and feel ourselfes growing closer as a family should. Thanks to you all, I love you guys so much!!! I can't wait until the next one!


Tristi Pinkston said...

Looks like a great reunion!

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Leahona said...

Those are some great pictures you got. I LOVE the one of Iyla giving Andy a hearing test!!

Glory said...

Wow! What fun to relive the reunion thru the pictures and words on your blog. It was great.
I loved it almost as much as the reunion itself.