June 15, 2009

My favorite part of the Jam

Last spring I planted strawberries. I companion planted them with green beans (bush variety). They went crazy! I picked the blossoms off all season so the plants would be able to grow strong. Well this year they have grow to about 30" tall and are producing heavily! I have already harvested 4 large bowls. 1bowl, we have eaten. One bowl is in the fridge for Saturday's jam making class that I am teaching. Then this morning I made jam with 2 of the bowls. I made 1 batch of regular strawberry jam. Then I made 2 batches that were strawberry/blackberry. Then I made 1 more batch that was strawberry/blueberry. They are really delicious! My favorite part of making jam (ok, aside from having full larders) is when you are done cooking it and are left with a bowl of jam foam. It is so great on hot bread!!


Leahona said...

I made Jam this weekend too! Love Strawberry season is ao fun!!

Andy said...

That sounds so good! My friend made strawberry banana jam! So yummy!