May 21, 2009

Updates on our missionary. . . . .

Well, Keri (sister Robertson) left the MTC on Monday the 18th. We were able to talk to her on the phone when she arrived at the airport. I talked with her for about and hour when she was at SLC airport and then she talked with the family when she was in Texas. The she was on a plane and traveled to Argentina. She had about a 12 hour flight. She flew into Buenos Aires. From there she traveled (I am not sure how, either by plane or train) to Neuquen. I received a phone call from the mission presidents wife yesterday (wednesday) to let me know that she arrived safe and sound and that they were very grateful to have her there to serve her mission. She told me that Keri has a good command of the language already and she is not afraid to speak it. She also told me that she will be a good missionary and that she shared a beautiful testimony with them. It was a relief to know for certain that she had arrived at her destination. I was not worried, but was wondering. It was a nice call to receive. Before Keri left the MTC she mailed cd's of her pictures home. I am posting some them for you guys to see.
Keri and her companions Hna. Naval and Hna. Schwenke
Keri's mission ( 3 hour time difference from Utah)
Again with the companions
Warriors of light
Sorry about the orientation of this picture, but I took it off her cd and could not change it. She sent this picture home saying that "this was the way we really get inspiration at the MTC."
The travel papers have arrived! Keri was the travel leader for those going to Argentina.
All the sisters in her zone at the MTC.
Oh what a feeling!
Keri loves the temple and really enjoyed being able to go so often!
She called herself the queen of four square. She decided it was alot of fun to play and discovered she was quite good at it.

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Leahona said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures with us. It sure is neat seeing her in her missionary attire! We wish her (and you) the best luck in the world!