May 11, 2009

quilt show

Mom and I went to the HMQS (home machine quilters show) on Friday. We had a blast. They were worried that they would not have enough quilts, but they had even more than last year. It was really fun to walk around and look at all the beautiful quilts and see the talent of people. I don't think I saw any this year that I didn't like. I saw some that I would have done differently, but they were all nicely done. I was even able to catch a look at people looking at my quilt. Mom and I both were pleased with the comments from the judges on our quilts. Most of our work received excellents. I was really pleased as it was one of the first quilts that I made. I am going to work on an art quilt to enter next year. Wouldn't that be just cool if I was able to win a ribbon sometime? I am also going to enter the quilt that I made for Robertsons into a local quilt show in about a month and a half. I hope it does well.


Leahona said...

you are so talented with your quilting. I hope someday I am hakf as good as you are... dare to dream!!

OUR CLAN said...

you are just as capable as I am. I too hope to be as good as others that won ribbons at the show. I guess its all about trying!

Leahona said...

I got to see this quilt up close this weekend and WOW!! It was amazing. I don't know why they did not give you a ribbon. Jacob and I both thought it was way awesome. Everyone in the room (there were about 10 or so) commented on how well the colors went together and how neat the stiching was. You and Glory make a GREAT team!!!