May 15, 2009

A question in need of an answer. . .

This spring there have been another kind of bird showing up at the feeders.
They are "cheddar cheeze" color on the body with a black head and black and white wings.
They also are about the size of a robin and their beaks are quite large.
I don't have any idea what they are. Has anyone ever seen them before? Do any of you guys know what they are?

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Leahona said...

When Jacob and I first looked at the pictures we (meaning Jacob, I know nothing about birds) thought it might be a tanager but upon futher research we think it is a black-headed grosbeak.

If you would like him to stick around a while, they like whole sunflower seeds. They have really strong beaks and like to crack them open. The like to live on the edge of woodland areas. Happy birdwatching!!