May 15, 2009

Cool Stuff From Cabelas

For Fathers Day (yes I realize I am a little early) I bought Kerry this really cool camp kitchen from Cabelas. The reason I bought it so early is because they had a really good sale on it and it was only good until a certain date in May. However, he did not want to wait to set it up and see what it was like. I was surprised at how big it is! You can see from this picture that there are hooks to use for hanging things up and 3 tables to use for whatever you need. There are also 2 lamp hooks at the top of the poles (very handy for late night games of cards)
This little gadget (a kitchen sink) is cleverly hidden under the table. It even comes with a drain hose. Now if you husband is like some men and "packs everything except the kitchen sink" when he goes camping, then you too will have need for this little gadget that will allow you to bring that too!
Both sides of the "kitchen" have compartments to store stuff you might need. This side had the compartments divided into 6. The other side is for larger stuff and only divides the space into 4. I am sure it will come in handy. For those of you who might want a closer look, we will be bringing it to the Gifford family reunion this summer!

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