April 20, 2009

Let the hunt begin! ! !

This is Grampa Toby's favorite thing to do. He just loves to be included in the "hiding" process. Like Father like Son!! Kerry likes it too! (course, who doesn't??)
Here you can see Grama and Uncle Larry working together on hiding the eggs. It was quite hilarious. However, I think that Uncle Larry got a little bored because he found a couple places where he could just dump a whole bunch in the same place and be done with it.I don't know how you all work it at your houses, but here we hide the baskets and they have to be found first. Megan had the hardest time finding hers this year, but none of them were too hard. We had to hide them in the house because it was raining outside. We are having more fun hiding them than we used to because now that everyone is older, we get to hide them harder!!
Meirah and Megan ended up with the most eggs this year. Taylor found the most eggs with money in them and everyone had alot of fun!!
I was able to get this picture of an egg that holly almost overlooked. Not all of the eggs we hid were hard to find, but some of them were kind of tricky.
Holly found one of Uncle Larry's "piles" under a frisbee.
We were giving Taylor alot of hints about an egg that was close by and not too obvious. He was a little confused!
Megan-having alot of fun!
So there you have it folks, Easter at the Robertsons!! Ours was very nice, hope yours was too!!


Jacob said...

I'm with Holly-where's the egg?

OUR CLAN said...

look under the handlebars. Its blue, same color as the bike. Click on the picture and you can look at a bigger picture, that might help you find it!

Andy said...

fun! nothing like a good hunt. ethan found one out of 2 with $ in it! we eastered with lots of friends this year. there were 20 some odd kids hunting. crazy but fun! oh yea, over 700 eggs!