April 09, 2009

The Amazing Race; Santaquin Style!

Last night the youth had their own version of "The Amazing Race". I was asked to be one of the homes where they could stop. Since I have 4 kids in young men, young woman's, I willingly said yes! At my house they were supposed to eat (one person was supposed to eat) 2 hotdogs and drink a can of soda before they could have their next clue. It was fun to watch each of the 3 groups and see their dynamics. The first group picked the smallest kid to eat the food. It took him forever and no one cheered him on. I tried to encourage them to, but to no avail. The next group was full of energy and their chosen participant downed the food in no time flat. The 3rd group was comfortable at my home, enough that some of them cut thru the back yard and the dog pen to get to the front of the house. They chose to cook the hotdogs before eating them. I just let them go inside and use the microwave. I took a couple of pictures on the last group. I wished I had done it sooner, but when you are tired after a long day of fabric shopping, you don't necesarily think of it. So, here are the pictures! Hope you enjoy!

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