March 12, 2009

The Blue and The Gray

This Week has been busy as you can well imagine. We are still making preparations for KJ to leave on her mission and that is going well, but it keeps us busy. We also had Taylor and Parker involved in a choir concert this week. I went early so that I could get a good seat and take pictures.
(Do you thing Taylor is "having fun yet?" He was really getting into his dance.)
Taylor is in Show Choir and Perfect Harmony. Parker is in 7th grade choir. He tried out for Perfect Harmony for next year and made it. He is really excited about that. So anyway, Taylor performed with Perfect Harmony and then had the part of narrator (his friend had the other narrator part). Taylor did a great job. He was not just monotone. He read his part with great emphasis and feeling. He also has a part in a 5 part harmony with some other boys. They sang My Country Tis Of Thee. It was beautiful. Parker had a solo in the concert. I was nervous for Parks. Sometimes kids that age sing kinda funny. Parker is no exception. He started doing funny things and was not always on key, so we put him in voice lessons (which a lady in our ward teaches). He has done better since, but I was still nervous for him. It turned out fine. Some kids don't really sing out, even when they have taken the time to try for the part. That was not an issue for Parker. He did great. His teacher thinks that he "sings with such emotion". He was really proud of himself. It was really fun to watch these two young men perform. They are really growing up! !


Theresa said...

so nice to see the boys doing so well and using their talents. I am sure you are a very proud mom and have every reason to be

Andy said...

Great Pictures! I wish we all lived closer so we could see some of those things.

Stilson's said...

That sure makes a mommy proud! You have great kids!! Tell them both good job from their crazy neighbor :)