February 22, 2009

The Girls Weekend

On Friday, Mom, Lisa and I went to our first quilt show for 2009. It was in a little town about an hour from my house, called Delta. We got out there around 12:30 and did not get back to my house until about 7:15. We had alot of fun, well ok, I had alot of fun. Lisa is kinda quiet sometimes and I assume she had a good time too.
As Lisa is new to sewing and quilting, mom and I were teaching her all kinds of stuff about quilts. She was very gracious and never rolled her eyes at us. We walked around looking at the quilts (approx. 150) and analyzing them according to design principals (the ones I have been learning in school) and looking at the workmanship and just wheather or not we liked them. It was alot of fun. When we were done with that we visited the small vendor mall that was there and then went to the fabric store.
Delta has 1 fabric store and they were offering 15% off to the quilt show guests, well how can you resist such a tempting offer? Actually we were looking for some specific fabric. Mom designed 6 squares last year for breast cancer awareness. They gave them back and asked her to design them into a quilt to be raffled off at the quilt show this year. Mom asked me if I would design the quilt or at least help her with it. I got all kinds of ideas and started coloring on my graph paper. I found one that I liked and that mom liked too. So we were looking for the fabric she would need to piece the quilt. The quilt will be 54" square when it is done. I am excited to see how it turns out.
So the other thing that happened is that while we were at the quilt show Noel kept calling. We did not have good reception in the building and the call kept dropping. While we were at the fabric store she finally got ahold of us. I stepped out of the building to talk with her (I had previously tried to talk her into coming to the quilt show with us, but she couldn't) she asked me if I would come up to moms if she came down. I said I would and she said "good because I am passing Malad" (that meant that she was 1/2 way to moms house!) Well then I got ancy to be on our way. I live an 1 1/2 hours from moms and we were an hour from my house! Well mom wanted to look at the "snow geese" and we also wanted to have something to eat, so it was still awhile until we got on the road. I did the driving on the way home. I was sneaky (because Lisa and I needed to consort (we hadn't told mom that Noel was on her way) and suggested that maybe mom would like to have a nap while we drove to my place. She was tired so she took me up on the offer.
Lisa and I decided that I would leave shortly after mom dropped me off and that I would pick her up shortly after mom dropped her off. Well that's just what I did. After Lisa and I got to moms house we waited in the driveway for Noel to show up (she was at Sunshine's house while she waited for us). Noel got out of her car and asked where mom's car was. We had been so busy visiting that we had not noticed that her car was not there. After a brief discussion about the possibilities we decided to head into the house. Dad was there watching TV. We asked where mom was. Apparently she had stopped for gas after dropping Lisa off and realized she had forgotten her purse at my house. (she had come in to use the bathroom before heading out for home) so she had to go all the way back to my house for here purse, (which added another hour to her trip. . .1/2 hour there. . .1/2 hour back) Poor mom!
Well we decided that we needed to move our cars, so we headed outside to get our stuff and move the cars as planned. About the time we were doing that, Brad and Angel showed up! They were really trying to figure out what was going on. It was so funny to see the look in their faces! We moved the cars (so mom would not immediately figure out what was going on) and hauled our stuff inside. I am not sure exactly how long we had to wait, but she eventually showed up and BOY you should have seen the look on her face! ! ! It was hilarious! ! ! She was one surprised lady! We sure had alot of visiting that night and then we woke up fairly early and the visiting commenced. By the time I got home on Saturday I was exhausted and so I had a short nap. I don't think I will be fully recovered by Monday, but I sure hope so as I have classes again. It was a really nice weekend. Those of you who don't live close enough to be able to do the "spur of the moment" stuff with us, I sure wish you were closer!!
I have posted a picture here of the quilt I made for Holly. I think the work mom did on the quilt is incredible! I just thought you might enjoy it and I can't write about a quilt show without some quilt picture to go with it!


Leahona said...

Wow that sounds super fun! I am so glad that I belong to a family that enjoys spending so much time together. I am glad you had a great time at the quilt show. Developing talents can really be a fun adventure, especially when you get to share it with your mom. Treasure the special time you have with her. You are so lucky to have such a great mom! I love my mom but we don't have that much in common in the hobby area. It is one part of our relationship I wish was better!

another day in the life of... said...

ah man! lucky. why doesn't anyone ever surprise me? Sheesh, you'd think i live all the way across the country...

Stilson's said...

That does sound like such a nice day to be able to spend with family, and a quilt show...how fun!