January 03, 2009

Dumped on yet again

We had the first snow of the new year last night. When we went to bed it was snowing.
At 12:00 we got a call from Kerijean. She was stuck in the road by the driveway. (she works late sometimes)
So Kerry got up and spent 1/2 hour getting her unstuck. Needless to say, we didn't sleep very well. That in addition to the fact that we kept expecting to get a phone call calling Kerry into work.
However, what sometimes happens in Utah, happened. We live in an area called a bench. Its higher in elevation and nearer to the mountains than the valley. We tend to get snow more than those who live at a slightly lower elevation.
Well we received 6 inches of heavy, wet, new snow and those living down the road about 10 minutes, did not!! I took a few pictures this morning with the sun shining brightly. I think its so beautiful outside with the sun shining and sparkling off the snow. I just thought I would share it with everyone! This last picture is to give you perspective on how deep the piles of show are getting. They are the last thing to melt after all. I don't know what I am going to do when I no longer have boys living at home to shovel the snow.

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Leahona said...

I'm glad someone else got a ton of snow as well. All told we got around two feet. The snow went up to Bella's waist! The pix are neat! Thanks for sharing!!