December 18, 2008


I got a call from my friend at the post office this morning at 7:15, Keri's call has arrived! I called Keri (because she had already left for work) and she said "are you kidding me?". We plan to open it on Friday (tomorrow) at Grama and Grampa Robertson's house. (she wants Chades family to be able to be there too, and she works today) So after I called her I waited for about an hour then called her back.

"Mom, you didn't open it did you?"

I told her that "I just couldn't stand it".

She was freaking out (I'm sure there was some rolling of the eyes), "you didn't open it did you?!!"

"Yea!" (I was sounding outrageously cheerful), "I just couldn't stand it, do you want to know where your going?"

"No!!, mom, your not supposed to open it!" (huffing and puffing and the sound of much exasperation)

"Well, you going to.."

"don't tell me!"

"Your going to Antartica!" a pause...(Keri is saying nothing) "to preach to the penguins!" I start laughing.... (Dad, who is home this morning and lying on the couch, starts laughing too!)

"Ha-Ha mom, you think your so funny don't you".

Actually it really was funny!, because at her age it's hard to get one over on her!


Leahona said...

YEAH!! We are so excited. Can't wait till tomorrow!!!

another day in the life of... said...

crazy! that was a good joke... Congratulations "buggins"!