December 27, 2008

Christmas Time Is Here Again

Keri jean had a great Christmas made all the better because she was able to talk to her "beloved"
Merry Christmas mommy! Its kinda a Christmas tradition that I am given a robe and I am glad that this year didn't disappoint! I needed one. The only problem---its HOT!
Megan had a large box by the tree that was literally bulging! Holly had a hugh teddie bear all stuffed inside of it! Megs was delighted and the bear has been slept with and hauled all over the place. It is her "cuddly" thing.
My honey received a "snowy river" coat that he was very pleased with! He has had his eye on them for a couple of years. I must say that he looks very good in it!
Katie had a good time as well. She even helped Kerry open one of his presents. She likes wrapping paper and it was not too hard to get her to grab ahold on one end and tug on it. It was hilarious!
Jake and Taylor were busy playing "WII" and were not to pleased with the interruption!
Parker enjoyed everything that he received, even the face cleaning stuff he found in his stocking!
Holly found that Santa left her yet another American Girl Doll. Boy was she tickled. It has not left her side since. Mom has even been conned into fixing the hair!
The Christmas Eve tradition is that the kids get to open one present. Well, can you guess from the picture what it is? Yep, its always jammies! Most of the time its just jammie pants and not the tops too. Katie even had on her "Santa" suit!Taylors favorite present came from his sister KJ. She gave him a monster buckle and he has worn it non stop (except for bedtime).Grama (mom to me) Gifford gave a lap quilt to all of her children and their families. This is a picture of the one we recieved. It has Mary Englebright fabric.Jake spent a couple of days at home. I think he really enjoyed relaxing.Christmas was enjoyed by all. I hope that you guys enjoyed your time togather as much as we did! I also hope that as you approach the new year you are able to find ways to keep that feeling with you all year long!

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