November 03, 2008

Keri preparing for ???

Keri will by tomorrow have all her paperwork finished and ready to submit for a mission! Since she was little she has had the desire to serve. I am really pleased to see it coming to pass. I think she will be a wonderful missionary. She will have about $5000 saved by the time it is time for her to go (around Feb). I guess we will come up with the rest, however, anyone who wants to help her fulfill this worthy goal is welcome to contribute. A mission costs $400 a month. That means that her dad and I will have to come up with about $2200. Not to bad considering. This picture is the one we chose to send in with her mission paperwork. So now, I would like to have feedback: foreign or stateside?

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another day in the life of... said...

she is totally going foreign!! woohoo