October 07, 2008


So yesterday Kerry told me that Keri was bringing someone home. When I asked who, thats when all the games started. "oh no one", "I don't know what your talking about honey", "she is bringing home someone Megan likes" etc... etc... etc... When I called Kerijean to find out what was up I got more of the same, "I'm not bringing anyone home", "no one mom", etc... etc... etc... I finally told her that if she couldn't give me a straight answer not to bring anyone with her. By this time I was feeling miffed! (after all it is my house and if it involves my hospitality, or having to make sure I am presentable and not in my pj's or something, I want to know!) Well it turns out "someone" was really "something". Yep, she found a great big tarantula crawling across the road! YUCK!!! Next thing I know she is asking "can I keep it?" "NO WAY!!" I just hope she didn't let it loose outside when she left with it this morning. They do breed you know. Plus, black widows and relatives of the hobo spider already call my rocks "home". I don't need to add a really big spider to the list too.


another day in the life of... said...

That is disgusting. i'm not sure why kj has always had a thing for creatures, i guess that's where she got the nickname buggins. but seriously, a tarantula, that has gone too far. i feel yucky just having seen the picture. i'm not sure i'll be able to go to sleep tonight!

Theresa said...

That is really cool. How in the world did she catch it? Are tarantula's common there? I'll have to be more carefull next time I am in Utah. I am sure you had lots of excitement around your house that day.