October 23, 2008


This week has been extremely busy. We have had all the normal stuff (homework, young mens/young womans, school etc...) Then it was also Holly's b-day. She got to have her ears pierced. She was brave and didn't even flinch. She had a great time for her birthday (which we celebrated early because of everything else going on this week)(who invited the vampire??)
(ewh... don't look at me, I didn't invite her...)
This is Julie, an american girl doll. She is just what holly wanted. Then this week also included a ym/yw stake activity and a ym service project. We also had 2 concerts to attend. 1st was Taylors (taylor is in perfect harmony and show choir)( bebop with Aesop, hence the toga) then the next night was megans concert (she had to try out, and was blessed to be able to make the womans chorus) I was sick the night of Megans concert, so consequently. . . no pictures.

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Leahona said...

You have such a talented family. I was in Jazz and show choirs in High school. I know how hard those kids work. You should be very pleased with them, which I am sure you are!!