September 21, 2008

The Results

Ok, so this blog is all words and no pictures. We went to the "friends of scouting" dinner last night. I took the quilt (that you saw on the last posting) and 3 loafs of fresh from the oven bread (yummy) and 1 dozen birthday cards (with envelopes) and 1 dozen Christmas cards (with envelopes). The quilt went for $75. The bread went for $28, $35 & $52. The cards went for $28 and $38. The Christmas cards ended up having a "bidding war" so to speak, so when that was over, I offered the loser, that if they would donate their last bid, I would make them a dozen cards also. So add another $35. So my donations brought in $291. Thats a pretty good thing. I am really glad that I can share my talents. I am also glad that I can contribute something, since I have no money to share.

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another day in the life of... said...

Wow, hello! that is so crazy. I can't believe the prices that things went for. was that normal for things others brought? the quilt is no surprise, it was beautiful and worth every penny. but i don't think i could pay $50 for a loaf of bread. go girl! i guess your bread is the best and oh so famous now!