September 27, 2008

Megans quilt

This summer Megan got to spend a month with her grandma. While she was there she got to make a quilt. It was alot of work, and some frustration and tears too(and lots of patience from grama). You see, Megan has never sewn before (yes, I am ashamed to admit it). Well mom decided that it would be nice to enter megans quilt in a local show. There was a youth quilters division, and megs quilt is very nice. So yesterday I took the girls (megan and holly(they had no school)) and we went up to Ogden, to go to the quilt show. Mom had called me earlier in the week to let me know the outcome. I was sworn to secrecy because mom wanted to see her reaction too. We got to the show and were standing at the entrance table, paying the entrance fee when Megan spotted her quilt. (First was recognition), hey there is my quilt. (Next came amazement) hey there is a ribbon on my quilt. (Then the hands flew to the mouth and we almost had tears! as multiple emotions presented themselfs) does that mean I won? (yes honey, you took 2nd place) (still overwhelmed) I won a prize? Can I go see it? (still almost crying, (and mommy feeling the same way) and with all kinds of ladies complimenting and congratulating her) It was so cool. I however, realized too late that I had forgotten the camera. I had to go back later and take these pictures. It was a very special day for Megan. When we were done at the show, all of us went to lunch (mom, megan, me, holly, joanna, angel and kylee). In the afternoon, mom and I went back to the quilt show to do moms volunteer work at the breast cancer booth. Moms quilt was very nice too. Not good enough to win against some of the other quilts, but we are very proud of her anyway. (She has a very special talent and is improving it all the time)

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another day in the life of... said...

Way to go Megs! I knew I loved her quilt, i t is awesome. I can't believe that her first time ver sewing won 2nd place. Just think where she'll be in a few years. By the way, I think you have me for Christmas, right? (hint, hint) :)