July 18, 2008


I went to moms house for a couple of days. I helped her to finish up a quilt that she wanted to display in the Clinton days quilt display. I did manage to take a picture of it. Dad built a quilt display stand for mom to hang it on, and its a good thing too!, all the quilts were just draped over chairs, and not displayed in any sort of manner that would allow the viewer to be able to enjoy them properly. Moms was the only one (she brought 3) that you could see well. Dad, the smart ole' coot, set it up outside the door. It was the 1st one that caught your eye. She had alot of comments and has also had a lady bring her a quilt for quilting. Mom is sure tickled to be able to have some paid work.
I also took the latest quilt that I finished, up to moms. Unfortunately, (for those of you who wanted pics) I got busy and forgot to take any. Now I am in the middle of another project. I have but to join 5 rows and put on the borders, then I will have another one done. It is more of a geometric design. Taylor really likes it and said "wow mom, you are really getting good at this quilting stuff aren't you." (ahh, the praise of a 15 year old!) So to wet your appetite for more, I have decided you can have a peek. . .

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another day in the life of... said...

I love the black and white background with the bright inner square. So fun, I'm glad that you are enjoying it so much. Mom's quilt looks so pretty. When I enlarge the picture I can see some of the stitching, and cool fabric choice!