July 29, 2008

A Quiet 24th of July Weekend

This year my parents decided that they would like to go camping with each of the kids and their families individually. Our camping trip was scheduled for the week of the 24th. Dad had the day off Wednesday (so they were coming Tuesday night) thru Monday. Well, it was not the quiet week you would expect if it was just our family and mom & dad. Holly invited "Ms. Chapman"(previous owner of our 2nd rotweiler, and her former teacher), who never ended up coming (which I am glad about because it was kind of awkward). I got to thinking, "Hey thats Gray's birthday", so I had called and invited them up. I'm not really sure how Joanna and Keith ended up coming, but they were there too. Then Angel was having camping longings (as she had not been all summer). As we were talking about what we had planned for the weekend, I invited her up. Angel brought Brad's mom with her. Now don't get me wrong, all of this is good, and we had a really great time!, but do you ever wonder where you quiet weekends go?! We actually had a very wonderful time! On Monday Kerry and I piled the kids into the car to go and set up camp. We got up the canyon to the spot we had previously picked out, only to discover that there were trailers in the 3 spots we would have liked to be, so we had to go and find another spot. We were not about to go to the pay camping, so we drove from one spot to another until we found a wonderful shady spot that was large enough for everyone. by the time we found this spot it was 7:30 pm. By the time we finished setting it up it was dark. By the time we got home and in bed it was about 11:30. We also had intended to camp in Payson canyon, and ended up in Santaquin canyon. But this spot was nice. We had so much shade that we only had to move chairs into another spot around noon, when the sun was directly overhead, until about 1 or 1:30. The most noise we had in this spot was from vehicles driving up and down the road and the scouts that camped down the hill(but only for a day or two). Ok, so on Tuesday, mom and dad came to our house and we showed them how to get to camp. We helped them set up, then we took Joanna with us and went home. (we figured we would let them have a day to themselves). While we were gone dad got busy and put up the latrine. Then on Wednesday, I went up ahead of Kerry because he called and said " Why don't you head on up, I am on my way home now." Well, Kerry did not make it "up" until about 3 hours later. Normally, no big deal right?, but Kerry had the coolers and the coolers had the dinner. Lets just say, we were glad to see him show up! We had sloppy joes that night. I had previously cooked the meat, so all we had to do was heat it up. After dinner Taylor had the distinguished honor of cleaning up cow pies! (the farmers let their cows go free range in the mountains during the warm months) So, one of the things the boys got to spend their time doing was "hunting" cows, mostly in the morning and evening (also, anytime we heard them close to camp)(Parker is the only one that I got a picture of after a hunt.) Thursday morning Kerry decided that he was going to go on a hike. Kerry's hikes tend to be all day kind of things, not just an hour or so, and this one did not disappoint. He left in the morning with the reminder that Gray and Lisa were going to be there about 3. He took his dogs (just the rotties) and Parker (who was the only one brave enough, or with enough energy, to go) and set off to explore. Taylor had decided that he wanted to stay and wait for his cousin (austin) to show up. He was pleasantly surprised when Gray and Lisa showed up earlier than expected! (around noon instead of 3) We were happy to see everyone as well. We visited for awhile until Angel got there and then Gray and Dad helped her to get her trailer parked and set up.While setting up the canopy on the trailer, the poles fell out as it was being unrolled, and fell on dad's head. No serious injury, just a good bonk on the head. The Kids, while all this was going on, promptly found the hammocks that we brought and paired up in them. As it turns out they were the highlight of the trip, at least for the cousins.The adults on the other hand had a wonderful time visiting, or reading (in the case of Dad) and cooking with dutch ovens (which is what gray wanted to do for his b-day). We had 11 ovens going. We had an absolutely marvelous dinner! Kings don't eat as good as we did. We had. . .
3 things of rolls, 2 chickens (one with potatoes and onions, one with carrots), beef pot pie, spuds, fresh veggies (from angels garden) spare ribs, peach cherry cobbler, mixed berry cobbler. Mouth watering huh? Friday was spent lazily doing as little as possible. Kerry went to Payson Lakes with the kids (angel and kylee went too) and Dad, Mom, Me, Joanna, Grama Simmons, (angel at one time) we all sat around and read our books. Kerry said he didn't understand how we could sit around instead of enjoying nature. I told him we were enjoying it, just in a different way than him. Dad started and finished the 3 books in the Fablehaven series. He also finished another book that he brought up and started 1 more. Joanna started and finished Twilight. Its the first in a series (3 so far and a 4th coming out in August) I started Eldest (the 2nd in a series) I only got it about 1/2 done as I had lots to do keeping track of all my kids and everything else that goes into camping. Mom looked at alot of her quilting books and read another this weekend. Grama Simmons finished the book she was reading and borrowed one of ours.Kerijean ended up re-scheduling her date and did not have work, so she was able to come up for a little while. She had fun playing with Keith and Joanna's new puppy (eve). We thought it was funny to see that the puppy was the same color as her hair.
Keith also made it up on Friday. He and Joanna spent most of the rest of the camping trip in their tent, but not doing what you might imagine as two newlyweds. Keith had a headache and Joanna was really into her book. We did hear an occasional giggle coming from that direction though. Saturday, was another reading/hiking day. It was nice and quiet. The temps were wonderful and we really enjoyed each others company. After dinner, Kerry and I loaded our family in the car and headed home for the night. Kerry has bishopric meetings Sunday morning at 7am. We figured it would be better to get the kids and us bathed and ready Saturday and not Sunday morning. I had to have 2 baths to wash all the dirt off. You know its kindof a trade off when you camp. Shade generally means that you have dust, as grass or plants don't grow there, or you can have sun and not as much dust (we chose the shade) Sunday morning Dad and Mom came down and got cleaned up. We went to Sacrament then we headed back up the mountain. Angel packed up and went home. Kylee was having so much fun that she got to stay and visit for one more day. We really had another couple hours of relaxing, until. . . the sky started to cloud over. By the time Megan got to camp (she had been babysitting, and had not come up when we did on Wednesday.) (she had spent the month with grama and grampa, and went from there to a babysitting job, the people she sat for brought her up after the trip) (they took Meg to Houston with them so she could b-b sit while they attended a MaryKay convention) Dinner was almost ready and it had been raining for a while, long enough that it was muddy. We finished dinner and visited with everyone for awhile until it was time for Queens to leave. We ended up having to pull them out, because it had gotten so muddy and slick that their car would not make it back to the road out of the camp area. Pretty much by the time they left we had decided that we would all head down to our house too. We had had a good inch plus some, of rain by the time we loaded up and headed out. We left an empty pan on the stove to see how much additional rain we would get overnight. We got to our house very muddy and tired. We set up beds for everyone, then the older kids, Keith and Joanna and Kerry all went to watch a movie downstairs. I visited with Mom and Dad then we went to bed. We went back up to clean up about 10 am (we would have waited longer, but the forcast was for more showers in the afternoon in the mountains) we discovered that we had another inch of rain. Breaking camp and loading took about 4 hours. We got home muddy and hungry. We fed everyone (except Dad, he stayed in the canyon to fish) and then cleaned up some stuff. We did not end up with the type of camping trip that you would expect when it was originally just Mom and Dad and us, but it was fun. I just have to say "expect the unexpected" and "be prepared" are definitely phrases worth remembering. Now I must go, as I need to supervise more cleanup efforts.

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What a camping trip! Looks like fun though. Thanks for all the pictures. I just love to see everyone.